About Us

Our sole purpose is to give customers next generation of online products and to become world's most creative and customer centric Information Technology Company.

Our first product Buynuse.com is to build a social marketplace for individuals and businesses where customers can easily discover anything they want to buy, sell or trade in a very safe, friendly and cost conscious manner.

We are a team of entrepreneurs building disruptive consumer software products. We invest in product and unique technologies that will define the future or where consumers will eventually transition.

World is full of repeats so we invest in products that define and give the right meaning to NEW. Each of our product is unique. We firmly believe that technology is not only related to machinery but a new and better way of doing things and serving our consumers.

Aarya Technovation India Private Limited is incorporated in Hyderabad, India and we are increasing our global presence rapidly by launching products on a global level.

Aarya Technovation Innovation Process