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Buynuse Experiences Fast Growth, Aims To Be The First Choice For Users to Buy and Sell In Their Local Community

On the heels of a record-breaking year of growth, that has seen doubling of its user base, Buynuse, the community focused buy/sell online marketplace, plans to continue to focus on growth trajectory, cementing its place as a leading community driven marketplace.

With a social-led product geared around consumer preferences for safety, Buynuse has experienced an unprecedented surge in users, over 40 per cent of which are female. The platform has more than 250,000 users and has seen over 10 lakh user interactions, making it one of the fastest growing online platform. With India’s advancing second hand economy, now worth a reported over $17 billion, according to a study conducted by The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India, Buynuse is geared towards further expansion.

"Buynuse is a truly compelling business, serving the very core of what today's Indian consumers are looking for when it comes to safer way to buy and sell locally," says Rupinder Kaur, Co-founder of Buynuse. "Market trends show us that more and more Indians are going second-hand and leaning towards marketplaces based on safety and a sense of community. These are the very foundations Buynuse is built on."

Buynuse uses the power of social connectivity and the power of communities - neighborhood, workplace, hobbies - to connect people with each other so they feel comfortable doing business together. The platform is now home to over 200 online communities, with more than 39,000 registered community buyers and sellers. The fact that the platform prioritizes real identity to allow for a more accountable buy and sell experiences for the users, has allowed it to disrupt competition which mostly focus on anonymous dealings.

Buynuse aims to become the first choice for users to buy and sell in their local community by continuing to build a transparent classifieds platform.  At this stage, the company is focused on execution, on growing the user base, making improvements in product and technology and targeted marketing. The company will continue to focus on growing to be a premier local mobile marketplace for buying and selling, but there will likely be e-commerce opportunities with the onset of new delivery technologies. Buynuse has a unique purpose and is leading the transformation of how consumers buy and sell locally.

Buynuse is a fun, exciting and safer way to discover, share and shop new and used products nearly. For more information, visit https://buynuse.com.

Source: https://buynuse.com

5 Amazing Websites and Apps Created by Women

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. The 2018 theme of International Women’s Day is #PressforProgress. Here at Buynuse, we’re all about celebrating women’s achievements and pushing forward towards gender equality.

In honor of the day, we're listing some of our favorite websites/apps that were made by bold women forging their way through the tech sector. Here are some of the hottest female-founded startups: 

1)  Moonlite is an easy-to-use storybook projector for your mobile phone that turns your child’s favorite storybooks into an immersive and magical experience. Stories come to life with vivid projection, sound effects, background music and more when paired with the Moonlite app. Founded by Natalie Rebot, a mother/software engineer, the app and device make reading more fun and immersive for little ones.

2)  Simple Habit, founded by Yunha Kim, is about helping overworked millennials de-stress through meditation.  The tool isn’t about chakras or sitting in the dark for 30 minutes to meditate. Its five-minute sessions are for young professionals on the go — the busy and skeptical people who thought meditation would never work for them.

3)  Ask Apollo helps you find best doctors in India online. You can book an instant appointment online for consultation. A brainchild of Sangita Reddy, Ask Apollo allows you to view doctor’s profile, experience, review or feedback online.

4)  Cloudflare is making the internet safer and faster. Cloudflare secretly runs the internet by handling as much of 10% of all web traffic, speeding up those websites, and protecting them from hackers. Founded by Michelle Zatlyn, it helped make the internet faster too.

We may be a little biased on this one, but it’s hard not to be—Buynuse lets you discover, buy, sell items with people in your community and stay safe while you do it.

Did you know that over 90% of women don’t buy and sell online because they fear it’s too risky? By making people feel safe transacting with strangers, Buynuse empowers women to be confident and independent.

Today and every day, we’re happy and proud to celebrate all women and #PressforProgress in pushing global attention towards achieving the ultimate goal of gender equality.

Buynuse.com is a fun, exciting and a safer way to discover, share and shop new and used products nearby. The free social classified platform brings people together to buy, sell and connect with their local community. For more information, visit https://buynuse.com a Venture of Aarya Technovation


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Introducing Buynuse.com, a Community-based Social Network to Buy, Sell and Share New and Used Items

We’re thrilled to announce that Aarya Technovation India Private Limited launched Buynuse.com earlier this month. Buynuse is a free website that is full of amazing local deals and is a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in one's community.


Buying and selling your previously loved items is a great way to make and save money, reduce waste, and support your local community. From electronics to cars and furniture, Buynuse makes it easier than ever to sell what you don't need and find great deals nearby. Members can search and filter results by location, category, price or community. The built-in location tool adjusts the region one is looking in, or the members can expand the radius of their query to cover a larger distance or switch to a different city altogether.


How does Buynuse work?

  • Post your gently used or new product by clicking “Post Products”. It’s quick and easy and you can post anything from clothing, accessories, to home decor and more.
  • Browse the feed to see what your friends and communities are selling nearby. Comment on an item to ask questions or express your interest to buy.
  • Private message a user to confirm transaction details, such as final price, pick up time and location. Members typically meet at someone’s house or in a public parking lot to complete the transaction.
  • Had a good transaction? Leave a review for the members so others know they are a pleasure to deal.


There are other unique features which allows Buynuse to create a better and a safer member experience.

  • Mandatory login, verified profiles, and reviews ensure that members can buy and sell locally with confidence.
  • To get people to buy what you’re selling, you need to spread the word. That means getting out there to promote your products on a variety of social platforms. To take your selling on Buynuse up a notch, the platform makes it easy for you to share your products with all your networks. You can tantalize your followers with great snaps and descriptions of your products and share on your preferred social media, whether it be Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.


We believe that buying and selling online isn’t just about money. It’s also a chance to make amazing new friends in your community. Now that Buynuse is here, we’d like to encourage you to get in on the fun!

Buynuse.com is a fun, exciting and a safer way to discover, share and shop new and used products nearby. The free social classified platform brings people together to buy, sell and connect with their local community. For more information, visit https://buynuse.com.

Source: https://buynuse.com

Ushering a New Beginning

The birth of Ugadi festival took place with a promise of spiritual strength - not to relapse to the past, rather to look forward with an undying freedom replenished with the sanctity of each moment. Ugadi is dedicated to gain spiritual or mental prowess, to purify the soul, to strengthen the will power, to deepen the faith in God, to cleanse the environment, to clarify one’s own thought processes and to enhance health and vigor.


According to the ancient Sanskrit language, Ugadi comes from a word Yugadi, which means ‘the aadi’ (beginning) of new (Kali) Yuga. It was the day when Kali Yuga started. The Sanskrit verse by Maharishi Vedavyasa says that ‘Yesmin Krishno Divam Vyathaha, Tasmat eeva pratipannam Kaliyugam’. It means the Kali Yuga started on the day when Lord Sri Krishna attained Nirvana.


Ugadi is celebrated to mark the beginning of the New Year, since it brings happiness with the onset of spring after a long dreary winter. While, people from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka use the term Ugadi for this festival, people of Maharashtra celebrate on the same day calling it as Gudi Padava. Sindhis who migrated from ‘Sindh’ province of Pakistan celebrate it as Cheti Chand, whereas people from Konkan region of south western India and also Hindus from Kashmir celebrate the same day as the beginning of New Year.


Since Ugadi heralds the beginning of the New Year, new month and new day, it also marks a beginning of new life with plants acquiring new shoots, leaves and colors. It is the start of a season when everything is lush green and vibrant, where fresh green leaves replace the wilted ones while flowers bloom in full glory.


The day begins with ritual showers of oil bath. Young and old wear new cloths and offer Puja. This is followed by taking prasadam, which is a specific mixture of neem buds (bitter), jaggery (sweet), raw mango and tamarind juice (sour), green pepper (hot) and salt. It is mixture of sweet, sour, salt and bitter things, symbolizing the pleasure and pain that are to be expected and accepted in life. The sadness is symbolized through bitter neem leaves, happiness through nice and ripe bananas coupled with jaggery, anger through green chillies or pepper, fear through salt, disgust through tangy tamarind juice and surprise through raw mango.


Sukha Dukhe Samekruthva
Labha Labhav Jayaa Jayav

This was told to Arjuna by Lord Krishna. It means that sorrows & happiness, victory & defeat, and gain & loss, all are the parts of life. Therefore, one should treat them equally.


Ugadi is also considered as an auspicious time to venture into new projects. This New Year’s, at Buynuse.com, we will be ushering in a community based online products trading platform where customers can easily discover anything they want to buy, sell or trade in a very safe, friendly and cost conscious manner.


Ugadi is an occasion to be grateful and thankful for what we have. It is the beginning of a new year and it is a time to rejoice. So here’s wishing everyone a fabulous, fun-filled, creative, healthy, safe and prosperous new year ahead. Hevalambi Nuthana Samvatsara Ugadi Subhakankshalu 2017.


Register today at Buynuse.com to discover great products suited for a particular occasion from trusted people and businesses. Contact us at interact@buynuse.com if you have any questions or comments. 

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The Increasing Power of Online Communities

The increasing success of online communities stems from the fact that they harness the way that people naturally use the Internet. It is the innate human nature to communicate and build relationships.

Online communities have existed ever since the dawn of the internet. Back in the old days, since AOL was the premier internet service of the 90s, a good chunk of online population could be found roaming its virtual spaces. AOL chat rooms were the most hip ways of communicating. However,  these communities were easily self-contained since social media was not quite the same factor as it is today. Forums could be dedicated to anything from the latest news trends, to video games, and even dating; and it was not as easy to bring internal conversations to other communities in such a short amount of time. Fast forward to today and many of the most popular networks are either optimized to be shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or specifically include buttons to post the content to them.

Typically, when we talk about community, we talk about places and spaces. We live in a geographic community, work within a professional community, may go to a place of worship which is a religious community and our friends would represent a social community. There is a community wherever people share common interests.

However, we may never feel as being a part of these communities. One reason may be geography- given everyone's time constraints today, it is not easy for the members of community to get together in a single place. Secondly, there may not be an easy way for to communicate and get to know the other community members. Conversations can be dominated by the confident few and less assertive or less experienced people may find it difficult to participate. Lastly, it may be that no one else realizes the community exists.

  • Let's think of the possibilities if there were ways to overcome these obstacles:
  • What if you could have the discussions with other community members more easily?
  • What if you could compare notes with other members?
  • What if you could learn from and compare notes with other members?
  • What if you were able to be an active member of these communities?
  • What if there was an easy way to find and get to know the other members?
  • What it you could easily expand your network of friends and associates?

Online Communities provides a solution to all these questions by providing real-world communities a place to come together using the Internet. Online communities transcend geography. By being a member of an online community, you benefit in many of the same ways you would a real world community- it's just that you use the Internet.

  • Rather than travelling to a coffee shop or hotel, you meet at a web site. Instead of picking a time and place to meet, online forums are accessible 24×7 and from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Instead of having face-to-face discussion, you post messages to one another. This democratises community voices bringing new opinions and options to the light of day.
  • Instead of depending on a physical location or resource to keep track of community events and activities, a web site does it for you
  • Online discussion allows each participant to make a choice about the quality and quantity of their participation
  •  Relevant content from the real world grounds online discussion. Online communities provide a place for real life examples and experience to be exchanged
  • Flexible boundaries around online discussions allow lateral opportunities to arise. One can  never predict where the discussion will go; the unexpected often results in increased incidental learning.

Having said that, it is important to note that online communities are different from third-party social networks such as Facebook. Online communities bring people from any location and all walks of life together in one centralized place, most often based on a shared interest, background, or other commonality. Third-party social networks, on the other hand, tend to be less inclusive and less focused on thoughtful interaction between followers. People can claim to have hundreds of friends on their social network, yet they may not have real connection with more than half a dozen.

Online communities are also growing in popularity as they are becoming higher priority for companies for a variety of reasons, such as social customer support and service, marketing, sales, and product development. Companies are embracing new ways of connecting and communicating with their customers. They are starting to realize that engaging with their customers through an online customer community can be a great way to build customer trust, loyalty and advocacy

Some of the reasons why online communities have become so important:

Companies can instantly connect with their customers

Online communities allow a branded Company to tap into one of its most important resources: the customer. Customers who join the community are interested and invested in the brand and provide a range of feedback. Some members may be extreme brand loyalists, while others may be less willing to champion the brand. In either case, feedback from these customers is extremely valuable.

Companies can rise above the competition

It’s likely that your business has a range of competitors who offer similar products and/or services. Testimonials from other people are often trusted more than the messages a given brand delivers via promotional materials, so be sure to emphasize the submission of user-generated content on your site. People want to hear about the real-life experiences of others, and vocal community members can become incredible advocates for your brand with their unique backgrounds and wisdom.

Results can be gathered quickly, richer data can be obtained and at a lower cost

Ad hoc research projects can have a lengthy timeframe from project kick-off to delivery of the final report, and projects may take several months. With online communities, depending on the size and level of member engagement, a research question can be answered in days rather than weeks or months.

Online communities allow costs to be lower. After the initial costs of the community tool and recruitment, numerous projects can be run within a community in place of several ad hoc projects.

Organic feedback can be gathered

Communities that have engaged members may contain discussions regarding the community brand or topic. Without implementing any specific research questions, unique insights can be obtained by listening to and observing the community.

Demographic profiles can be explored.

Online communities allow researchers to compile and track community members’ demographic variables. Given a community where both customers and non-customers are recruited, profiles of each group can be created and explored to understand target demographics more fully.

An online community is no longer a shiny; nice-to-have tech tool proving you are an early adopter. These interactive forums have become a business imperative!

All-in-all, online communities are about people needing an easier and more accessible way to get together. In business or socially, online communities have the power to create lasting and productive relationships where none existed before. In the future, in many different forms,  online communities will become a greater part of our lives.

At Buynuse.com, we provide a community based online products trading platform where customers can easily discover anything they want to buy, sell or trade in a very safe, friendly and cost conscious manner. Register today at Buynuse.com or contact us at interact@buynuse.com if you have any questions or comments. 

BuyNUse.com is owned by Aarya Technovation India Private Limited. 

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Looking for last minute ideas for Father’s Day

When it comes to Father’s Day, the shenanigans most often fall short of that around Mother’s Day.  An interesting fact - Father’s Day was first proclaimed a holiday by the governor of Washington State in 1910. However, it was only in 1972 that it was declared it to be a national holiday. This was 58 years after Mother’s day was officially established!

Over time, Father’s Day has picked up momentum and come to represent a meaningful opportunity to thank those who work long hours to provide a better life for their families and who handle everything from cleaning the car to teaching kids to ride bikes.

On this Father’s day if you are still looking for something special, we have some ideas to offer.

Make a homemade gift

Sometimes, a store-bought gift just doesn’t send the perfect message. Instead of buying something from the store, kids can make their own Father’s Day gifts right at home. Dad will love getting a unique gift that was made with love by his family.

Add a twist to your Dad’s morning by personalizing his coffee mug. It would put a smile on his face enjoying coffee out of a mug which reads “Happy Father’s Day”

Leave the fancy dining for another day, and instead enjoy a casual picnic. Pack a picnic kit with all the essentials, plus a few embellishments you create. Head out to Dad’s favorite outdoor spot for a fun and stress-free meal.

Traveling dads know what a hassle it is to locate his luggage among a sea of other suitcases at the airport. Make a handsome luggage handle cover to embellish his suitcase and make it easy to spot when he’s waiting at Baggage Claim.

A new watch

If your dad wears a regular watch, now is perhaps the time to update his look with a smart watch. There are some smart watches available in the markets which do not require constantly pairing with a mobile device over Bluetooth. These watches have plenty of room for apps which you can customize.

There are many other different types of watches you can give as gifts, depending on your dad’s taste, personality and your budget. Classic and modern personalized watches and pocket watches are sure to become instant heirlooms.

A sophisticated, rustic personalized watch box makes a thoughtful gift as well. These display boxes are sturdy, and beautifully crafted, and your dad will enjoy it for years to come! Add his name or initials to the lid, making it truly personal.

Donate to a charity

When you realize your father  doesn’t need another tie or a shirt, consider making a donation instead.

Visit a NGO to support a cause of your choice. Making donations is one option, but if you feel that actually helping out makes you feel even more involved and directly responsible for the good, by all means go for it! You can volunteer your time and services to groups of your choice.

Find unique gifts for him and help artisans

The artist marketplace is loaded with innumerable unique and creative items, perfect to give exceptional gifts. Each local product is usually one-of-a-kind and unique. Often, when you buy local art, it is the only version the artist has of that piece. Each piece is done by hand and carefully created to sell to individual buyers so that no two homes have the same painting hanging on the walls.

The best places to find local products are unique boutiques, and local gift shops. Usually, these types of venues are in an artistic or historic part of a city that can be off the beaten path. No matter what you buy– painting or a photograph or simple pastries – buying from local sources will allow you not only to truly appreciate your product and craft that went into making it but also make the buying experience a memorable one.

Treat him with spa packages

Dads don't treat themselves enough, so spas have made it easy to give dad some tender, loving care on Father's Day. Treat Dad to some much-needed relaxation this Father’s Day. Select from premade spa packages or allow the spa concierge to create a spa package unique to what you feel your dad would like.

Whatever you do, make sure that you use this Father's Day as an opportunity to show your dad how much you love him.

At Buynuse.com, we provide a community based online products trading platform where customers can easily discover anything they want to buy, sell or trade in a very safe, friendly and cost conscious manner. People can discover great products suited for a particular occasion from people and business they associate with. Register today at Buynuse.com or contact us at interact@buynuse.com if you have any questions or comments. 


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Evolution of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have come a long way since Martin Cooper, a Motorola engineer, made his first public call in April 1973. Using a prototype of what would become the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x, the world's first commercial mobile phone. Cooper stood on 6th Avenue in New York City and placed a call to the headquarters of Bell Labs in New Jersey. It took Motorola 10 years to commercially launch DynaTAC800x in the market. Though still huge by standards, it was considered the first true mobile phone because it was small enough to carry. The phone was prohibitively expensive, costing several thousand dollars, but quickly became a pop symbol.


It’s not just the technology of the mobile phones that has changed over time. The physical design has also undergone a rollercoaster of changes. The early mobile phones were considered as “car phones” as they were too large and were difficult to carry around in a pocket or handbag. They were as large as modern day computers and just as heavy.The very first commercial devices looked like a heavy brick with antennae attached and had a battery life of less than 30 minutes.


The subsequent models launched were smaller, mobile, and cooler, but they still had their faults. Bulky, luggable models such as Nokia Mobira Talkman had longer battery lives and more talk time, which made them more popular at the time. As technology advanced, mobile phone companies figured out how to pack more features into a portable, more affordable model.


Smartphones entered the scene at the same time as digital service in the late 90s. The focus since then is on speed. The race is on to make wireless networks run faster and better. Even with all the innovation that has occurred through the years, consumers’ appetite for greater mobile data usage continues to grow. New mobile phone features and offerings are exploding in the market. To keep up with demand, carriers are continuing to proliferate in markets and improve their infrastructure.


In recent years, we have seen that the purpose of the mobile phone has shifted from a verbal communication tool to a multimedia tool. The mobile phones of today are replacing gadgets, such as cameras and video cameras. When cameras were first introduced on phones, the images were low quality and the feature was considered to just be an extra. Now, we're seeing a very fast shift to where consumers don't even bother carrying their point-and-shoot cameras anymore, and just use their mobile phones.


Modern day smartphones — the Apple iPhone in particular — changed everything that consumers expect from their phones. The app market has transformed the phone into a virtual toolbox with a solution for almost every need. The mobile phones of the future will be adapted to appeal more to our emotional senses and will become even more in sync with our biological reflexes and processes such as eye movement, and thought processes.


So the question is not going to be how we will change mobile phones. The question would be how the mobile phones will change us.


At Buynuse.com, we provide an online platform to help you buy, sell or trade your mobile phones. Users can leverage their exclusive connections to get the best deal at the best price. Our site is a great place to make deals happen securely, efficiently and reliably. Register today at Buynuse.com and contact us at interact@buynuse.com if you have any questions or comments. 

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Ixora Singaporensis beautifies our office space!

The flowers are blooming beautiful, and the star red flower compliments our company color palette. Ixora is a genus of flowering plants in Rubiaceae Family. It is native to the tropical and subtropical areas throughout the world. In the United States, it is commonly known as West Indian Jasmine. Ixora prefers acidic soil and is a suitable choice for bonsai. It flowers year round and is widely used in Hindu worship and Ayurveda.

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Secure the Future of your Car and Environment

Cars have become an integral part of our lives. Millions of us are heavily dependent on our cars, practically and emotionally. The car industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, with thousands of new cars being added daily to the roads. There are also vehicles which are reaching the end of their useful lives and are taken out of service every year. No need to say, there is a huge environmental impact of such large number of vehicles both on the roads and in waste streams.

Even though this form of mobility comes at a premium, as polar ice melts, megacities become suffocated by smog and congestion, and our mobility has negative implications – we need to be mobile. Having a car is a very liberating and flexible means of transportation and we need it.  

If done right, cars can be a sustainable and safe means of transportation. We all can do our bit in reducing our carbon footprint and there are lots of ways to do so.


Electric and hybrid cars

Electric cars are the future and we are progressing towards a future car revolution where cars will not only be environmentally friendly but also autonomous. Companies are working on concepts allowing cars to cruise along on the highway without driver intervention. Then we are already seeing positive results from Tesla Model S which is smoke free and can parallel park itself. Then are also projects for Traffic Jams under development, where cars will move along in a congested traffic area like pearls on a string along the highway – turning the commute more productive as drivers can work or rest.

Though these cars cost premium right now, they do come with great tax benefits and project you as an early adopter of new revolution and environmentally conscious person. There is also an option to opt for hybrid vehicles which give good mileage and consume less fuel. Look for great condition hybrid cars to buy and start a constructive community dialogue on Electric and Hybrid cars at Buynuse.com


Eco friendly car wash and products

Car owners can also contribute their bit to the environment by washing their cars at home, using eco-friendly car products or opting for eco-friendly car washes.

Unlike household waste water that enters sewers and undergoes treatment before it is discharged into the environment, what runs off from your car goes right into storm drains – and eventually into rivers and streams where it poisons aquatic life. The water being loaded with oil and residues from exhaust fumes creates ecosystem havoc.

It is best to wash your car with a biodegradable soap and keep the environment clean at the same time. Got an environmental question? You can create an environmentally friendly carwash community at Buynuse.com and connect with like-minded people to find out more about superior, environmentally-safe cleaning products.


Regular car checks and service

Perform regular checks and maintenance on your car. This not only keeps your car in a good shape but also reduces damage to the environment. Regular air filter change makes air conditioning work at optimal level, wheel alignment check helps you be safe on road, and recommended car tyre inflation pressure decreases both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. There are tyre pressure monitoring systems available which make it easy to keep track of tyre pressure.

One of the easiest ways to keep the pollution level under control is through regular emissions testing. A vehicle’s engine constantly releases automotive pollutants into the air, including hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, etc. The heavy release of these elements creates an adverse effect on the environment and consequently on our health. Thus, it is vital that a vehicle’s emissions remain within the prescribed upper limits set by the country’s emissions standards.

Also, simple things such as switching off engine when waiting for passengers, and not needlessly burning fuel at drive-through can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The fact is that letting your engine idle for more than 10 seconds consumes more fuel than turning it off and starting it up again!


Car Pooling

Carpooling is a great way to be responsible for the environment and at the same time save some money. At Buynuse.com you can use your social networks to enable real life connections and you can carpool/rideshare with others you trust. We help you share your message with your select community and make carpooling easier and safer. So, why wait! Let’s create carpooling communities, make some new friends, save money and be responsible for our environment by carpooling as much as we can.


Car not in use

Cars are socially and economically significant. To many of us, they are beloved, person-like companions. However, it is not eco-friendly and economical to keep a car which you longer need.  

When your vehicle is no longer serving its purpose, you may consider selling your car. At Buynuse.com, we can help find you the right person among your friends, neighbors and social community, who will take care of your car and give you the best price.  So list your used car with Buyuse.com for free and reach thousands of monthly visitors looking to buy their next car.


Environment care is one of our core values at Buynuse.com and we believe that we all can do a lot to live responsibly and care for our planet.


Source: http://buynuse.com

Our Core Values

We stand by these values and have integrated them in our business fabric. We use them every day from evaluating a business opportunity, deciding on a marketing strategy to finalizing the best candidate or a synergistic partnership.

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BuyNUse Interact with us

Our website launch date is fast approaching and we look forward to sharing a community based marketplace with the world. Just unveiled our BuyNUse Interact with us page. Proud of the entire team as their hard work and determination has been transitioned very well into one of the finest customer friendly products in the market.


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BuyNUse Project Management

Business plan done and approved by the Board of Directors. Structuring and implementing the revision controls, issue tracking, feature request and task management for our online classifieds project BuyNUse.com. 

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Global Software Operations Office

After a bit of office hunting finally selected Hitec City, Hyderabad as our Global Software Operations and India Marketing Office. Hitec city is a major technology hub and hosts most of the Fortune 500 Companies such as Facebook, IBM, Accenture, Amazon, Oracle, GE, Open Text, Thomson Reuters, Qualcomm and Verizon.

Company website launch

We are done with most of the editing and taking care of all minor details. We can go live now and thanks to our brilliant team of developer, designer, content writer and technical consultant. One of the challenging task was to implement the latest Laravel Framework for our website.