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Looking for last minute ideas for Father’s Day

When it comes to Father’s Day, the shenanigans most often fall short of that around Mother’s Day.  An interesting fact - Father’s Day was first proclaimed a holiday by the governor of Washington State in 1910. However, it was only in 1972 that it was declared it to be a national holiday. This was 58 years after Mother’s day was officially established!

Over time, Father’s Day has picked up momentum and come to represent a meaningful opportunity to thank those who work long hours to provide a better life for their families and who handle everything from cleaning the car to teaching kids to ride bikes.

On this Father’s day if you are still looking for something special, we have some ideas to offer.

Make a homemade gift

Sometimes, a store-bought gift just doesn’t send the perfect message. Instead of buying something from the store, kids can make their own Father’s Day gifts right at home. Dad will love getting a unique gift that was made with love by his family.

Add a twist to your Dad’s morning by personalizing his coffee mug. It would put a smile on his face enjoying coffee out of a mug which reads “Happy Father’s Day”

Leave the fancy dining for another day, and instead enjoy a casual picnic. Pack a picnic kit with all the essentials, plus a few embellishments you create. Head out to Dad’s favorite outdoor spot for a fun and stress-free meal.

Traveling dads know what a hassle it is to locate his luggage among a sea of other suitcases at the airport. Make a handsome luggage handle cover to embellish his suitcase and make it easy to spot when he’s waiting at Baggage Claim.

A new watch

If your dad wears a regular watch, now is perhaps the time to update his look with a smart watch. There are some smart watches available in the markets which do not require constantly pairing with a mobile device over Bluetooth. These watches have plenty of room for apps which you can customize.

There are many other different types of watches you can give as gifts, depending on your dad’s taste, personality and your budget. Classic and modern personalized watches and pocket watches are sure to become instant heirlooms.

A sophisticated, rustic personalized watch box makes a thoughtful gift as well. These display boxes are sturdy, and beautifully crafted, and your dad will enjoy it for years to come! Add his name or initials to the lid, making it truly personal.

Donate to a charity

When you realize your father  doesn’t need another tie or a shirt, consider making a donation instead.

Visit a NGO to support a cause of your choice. Making donations is one option, but if you feel that actually helping out makes you feel even more involved and directly responsible for the good, by all means go for it! You can volunteer your time and services to groups of your choice.

Find unique gifts for him and help artisans

The artist marketplace is loaded with innumerable unique and creative items, perfect to give exceptional gifts. Each local product is usually one-of-a-kind and unique. Often, when you buy local art, it is the only version the artist has of that piece. Each piece is done by hand and carefully created to sell to individual buyers so that no two homes have the same painting hanging on the walls.

The best places to find local products are unique boutiques, and local gift shops. Usually, these types of venues are in an artistic or historic part of a city that can be off the beaten path. No matter what you buy– painting or a photograph or simple pastries – buying from local sources will allow you not only to truly appreciate your product and craft that went into making it but also make the buying experience a memorable one.

Treat him with spa packages

Dads don't treat themselves enough, so spas have made it easy to give dad some tender, loving care on Father's Day. Treat Dad to some much-needed relaxation this Father’s Day. Select from premade spa packages or allow the spa concierge to create a spa package unique to what you feel your dad would like.

Whatever you do, make sure that you use this Father's Day as an opportunity to show your dad how much you love him.

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