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Introducing Buynuse.com, a Community-based Social Network to Buy, Sell and Share New and Used Items

We’re thrilled to announce that Aarya Technovation India Private Limited launched Buynuse.com earlier this month. Buynuse is a free website that is full of amazing local deals and is a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in one's community.


Buying and selling your previously loved items is a great way to make and save money, reduce waste, and support your local community. From electronics to cars and furniture, Buynuse makes it easier than ever to sell what you don't need and find great deals nearby. Members can search and filter results by location, category, price or community. The built-in location tool adjusts the region one is looking in, or the members can expand the radius of their query to cover a larger distance or switch to a different city altogether.


How does Buynuse work?

  • Post your gently used or new product by clicking “Post Products”. It’s quick and easy and you can post anything from clothing, accessories, to home decor and more.
  • Browse the feed to see what your friends and communities are selling nearby. Comment on an item to ask questions or express your interest to buy.
  • Private message a user to confirm transaction details, such as final price, pick up time and location. Members typically meet at someone’s house or in a public parking lot to complete the transaction.
  • Had a good transaction? Leave a review for the members so others know they are a pleasure to deal.


There are other unique features which allows Buynuse to create a better and a safer member experience.

  • Mandatory login, verified profiles, and reviews ensure that members can buy and sell locally with confidence.
  • To get people to buy what you’re selling, you need to spread the word. That means getting out there to promote your products on a variety of social platforms. To take your selling on Buynuse up a notch, the platform makes it easy for you to share your products with all your networks. You can tantalize your followers with great snaps and descriptions of your products and share on your preferred social media, whether it be Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.


We believe that buying and selling online isn’t just about money. It’s also a chance to make amazing new friends in your community. Now that Buynuse is here, we’d like to encourage you to get in on the fun!

Buynuse.com is a fun, exciting and a safer way to discover, share and shop new and used products nearby. The free social classified platform brings people together to buy, sell and connect with their local community. For more information, visit https://buynuse.com.

Source: https://buynuse.com