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5 Amazing Websites and Apps Created by Women

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. The 2018 theme of International Women’s Day is #PressforProgress. Here at Buynuse, we’re all about celebrating women’s achievements and pushing forward towards gender equality.

In honor of the day, we're listing some of our favorite websites/apps that were made by bold women forging their way through the tech sector. Here are some of the hottest female-founded startups: 

1)  Moonlite is an easy-to-use storybook projector for your mobile phone that turns your child’s favorite storybooks into an immersive and magical experience. Stories come to life with vivid projection, sound effects, background music and more when paired with the Moonlite app. Founded by Natalie Rebot, a mother/software engineer, the app and device make reading more fun and immersive for little ones.

2)  Simple Habit, founded by Yunha Kim, is about helping overworked millennials de-stress through meditation.  The tool isn’t about chakras or sitting in the dark for 30 minutes to meditate. Its five-minute sessions are for young professionals on the go — the busy and skeptical people who thought meditation would never work for them.

3)  Ask Apollo helps you find best doctors in India online. You can book an instant appointment online for consultation. A brainchild of Sangita Reddy, Ask Apollo allows you to view doctor’s profile, experience, review or feedback online.

4)  Cloudflare is making the internet safer and faster. Cloudflare secretly runs the internet by handling as much of 10% of all web traffic, speeding up those websites, and protecting them from hackers. Founded by Michelle Zatlyn, it helped make the internet faster too.

We may be a little biased on this one, but it’s hard not to be—Buynuse lets you discover, buy, sell items with people in your community and stay safe while you do it.

Did you know that over 90% of women don’t buy and sell online because they fear it’s too risky? By making people feel safe transacting with strangers, Buynuse empowers women to be confident and independent.

Today and every day, we’re happy and proud to celebrate all women and #PressforProgress in pushing global attention towards achieving the ultimate goal of gender equality.

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